About Uberhackz

As uberhackz team, all group members are university students, Ric2x, Devica, Aravind, Sic-o and Anasuya. Aravind, the only girl member of group searches for the game which people want hacks most. Devica and i prepares layouts for hacks. Sic-o codes the hack and checks its stability. And lastly Anasuya promotes hacks.

What We Offer?

As we mentioned before all hacks are free but you would need to fill out a quick survey.
Game developers are so greedy, they earn millions from those crap games and they hate this kind of hacks. So, if thousands of people get our hacks, all hacks would be saturated and they can be dedected and fixed so quick and easily. So surveys are just a small handicap for you. We make this hacks for free and want that only people who deserve could download.

We know you appreciate our desicion about surveys. Please dont forget there is no premium things and we dont any donation.

Uber Team

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About Devica...

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About Anasuya...

The inspiration is the desire by extension!

do you think is right?


Q1- How to download files?
You just need to fill out a quick survey to download files on our website.

Q2- Why dont you just upload hackz to other uploading sites?
Just think! If we upload hackz to those sites, tons of people would download them. All hackz would be saturated and it causes all hackz would be dedected by game developers.

Q3- It didnt worked. What should i do?
You need to wait that we update the hack. But dont forget there are some difficulties to make this hackz. We cant hack games in 1 day or 1 week. So please respect us before judgeing about non-working hackz. Its fully normal situation that our hackz can be dedected by game owners after thousands of people download and use them.

Q4- Can you please hack *blabla* game?
We already have a huge list to do hackz. We dont accept new hack requests just now.

Q5- How can i help you?
Just dont listen justin bieber kid.

Uberhackz.Org Team
* Educational Purposes Only
* Uberhackz shall not be responsible for losses, damages, disadvantages, and any other problems which may occur due to the usage of our hackz.